Saturday, May 12, 2007

Solution for Singnet Problem with Blogspot

For the past 4 days or so, I'm experiencing some problems with BlogSpot. At the 'create post' page, the page layout is out of alignment, and some of the icons are unclickable, so I can't change font colour, style...etc.

After some investigations, this problem appears to come from my Internet Service Provider --- SingNet! Wierd eh? Lolx.
Well, here's the solution for SingNet users:-

Manual proxy settings need to be applied on web browser.

* For IE 7.0 & below:

  1. Tools -> Internet Options
  2. Click on "Connections" page tab
  3. Click on "LAN Settings" button (if you are using Broadband)
  4. Check "Use a proxy server for your LAN ..." checkbox
  5. Click on "Advanced" button
  6. Under HTTP type, input "" for proxy address and "8080" for port
  7. Click on "OK" button 3 times to confirm changes

* For FF 2.0::

  1. Tools -> Options
  2. Click on "Advanced" tab
  3. Click on "Network" page tab
  4. From the "Connection" frame, click on "Settings" button
  5. Select "Manual proxy configuration" option
  6. Under HTTP proxy, input "" and "8080" for port
Now, all SingNet users can use Blogspot normally!
See? My colours are back!


yasmin said...

thanks you!! you resolved the problem for me! ((: thanks you. -yasmin

Stephen said...

Yasmin, you're welcome! =)

joO said...

oh dear, it doesnt seems to work for me
i can insert pics..any advice stephen

zaini said...

Thank! This solve the problem finally. I was about to convert to wordpress after giving up on the add element page.

If you don't mind I would like to use this article and spread the word around. Credit linkback to you

Stephen said...

zaini, you're welcome to use the article! =)

joo, pls send me an email at funbubbles10 at hotmail dot com with a screenshot of your blogger CreatePost page. =)

aurora said...

genius! thank you so much... chanced upon ur site while ploughing thru blogger help. finally my blogger is normal again and i thot it's a problem with my comp :D

Rina said...

Gosh, u really made my day! I'm able to blog properly now
Cheers to u!

Stephen said...

aurora & rina, i'm glad this method works for you two.

btw, pls do cross-link to my blog, if possible. Thanks! =)

xinhui said...

haha thanks! problem solved for me too ((:

saMmi said...

hey, thanks for helping! i can finally edit my entries. (:

silverystarz said...

Thanks for the help. Finally I can blog. =)Thanks a million.

CaLiStA said...

I happened to chance on your blog while searching through the blogger help team and followed your steps and I could finally add a new page element and edit my friends' list!! Thank u so much!! =)

Culture Shiok! said...

Thank you so much! Really works!


James said...

Does anybody knows if using this proxy will cause any problems? Or privacy or connection speed issues?

Ren said...

Can you believe that this silly problem is existing again these few days! Again...all the singnet users are affected!

gnauhCeeY said...

does this fix works this time round?

Cartoon Lagoon ~ Fiona Chia Yeo said...

I posted a link to your 2007 post at the blogger forum. Hope you don't mind. It worked for me. But still believe that we need to get to the root cause of the conflict.

Jayine said...

Thank you so much for this! :) Life saver!

Chan Wah Chen said...

Thank you. You have solved my problem.

fenderCat said...

Thanks :)

~ 3 Princesses ~ said...


hannaaa said...

(: it works.

Michele said...

thanks!! i can post again!! :)

being happy is a blessing said...

I tried your method but it didn't work. My create a post page doesn't even show the options for changing colours or font size etc. The blogger background isn't there too. It's just a white background with boxes and words.

what can i do? please advice! :(

Hongda said...

This is really helpful!
thanks for the guide!
Even though I'm using Safari, but i think its the same setting for all web browsers.